Saturday, 29 March 2008

Greening Discs

Greening Your Discs: Better Sound Quality?

Here's an interesting one for you. Does coloring in the edge of a CD with a green marker pen reduce distortion and give better sound quality? A lot of people believe this, so much so that special products have been produced for just that reason, but for all those people who've bought these and wasted their good money, I'm sorry to tell you, this legend is completely fabricated. That's right, folks, it's false.

I don't know who started this legend, but it seems to have a believable story. That is that the green marker will reduce light reflecting from the edge of the disc, light which usually distorts the sound slightly. Green isn't just a random color, either, it's believed to be the color that absorbs the most light from the laser.

But, as blindfolded people taking part in tests have revealed, there is no difference between regular discs and greened discs. Yet a lot of people are still gonna believe this legend, but for you lucky urban bees out there, you'll know better when it comes to greening your discs.

~Greened Bee

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