Sunday, 30 March 2008

Albert Einstein

Evil does not exist, it is merely the absense of God.

Here's an interesting story I found when I was browsing Snopes...

A professer was teaching a class when he asked if God created everything, and of course, one of the students declared "He did!" The teacher went onto say that if God created everything, then he created evil because evil exists, and by our understanding of what defines us, this must make God evil. No one had an arguement and the professer felt proud of himself for outsmarting the students.

Then one student asked, "Does cold exist?" and the professer said, "of course it does!"

the student replied, "Cold does not exist. Heat exists, and cold is merely the absense of heat. We can measure heat, but we cannot measure cold, at absolute zero, everythign stops because of an absense of heat. Cold does not exist, cold is merely the word we give to the absense of heat."

"Does darkness exist?" the student asked. The professor replied, "of course it does!"

"Darkness does not exist. Darkness is merely the absense of light. We can measure light. We can use prisms to split it and examine the different wavelengths of light, but darkness does not exist, it is simply the word we give to the absense of light."

"Does evil exist?" The student asked, and the teacher replied, "of course it does, we see it everyday!"

"Evil does not exist, it is simply the absense of God."

And that student - Albert Einstein.

I thought this was an interesting urban legend, but sadly, along with Einstein's quote about bees, this legend is completely false. Einstein never said this.

But here's an interesting fact some of you might not know... After his death, Albert Einstein was cremated, but his brain was preserved! It was photographed, then split into pieces and preserved by a doctor who then lost his job after refusing to give the organs up.

Even more gory, his eyes were possibly taken too, as a gift for someone else. Hospitals just weren't the same in the 1950s.

~Brainy Bee

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