Friday, 18 April 2008

Hot Down Here

Letters from Hell: Wish You Were Here!

A couple had been married for twenty years, and so they decided that for their next vacation it would be romantic to go back to Florida and stay in the hotel where they stayed twenty years earlier on their honeymoon. Of course, things never work out perfect and the schedules didn't match, so the husband left for Florida and the wife intended to arrive a few days later.

The husband then discovered that the hotel had got computers now and so he decided to send an email to his wife. Unfortunately, he made a little typo and the email got sent to the wrong address.

Meanwhile, across the country a woman was greiving the death of her own husband, who just happened to be a minister. After getting back from the funeral, she decised to check her email for messages from family and friends. But she soons collapses when she reads the first email:

To My Loving Wife,
I know you'll be surprised to hear from me, but they have computers here now so we can send messages to our loved ones. I've just arrived and i've just been check in. I see everything is in order for your arrival tomorrow, I hope your journey is as eventful as mine! Look forward to seeing you!
Love, Your Loving Husband.

PS. Sure is hot down here!

Another similary and equally as entertaining story is about a minister who holds bake sale and takes a photo of some teenagers with the treats they baked. He sends an email to his sister and puts the picture in it too.

He puts the subject as 'Teenagers baked brownies' but makes a terrible typo, substituting B for N, the key right next to it. And so the email entitled 'Teenagers Naked Brownies', with a picture attached, goes flying through the FBI computers.

Of course, the minister was soon arrested - turns out there was a problem and the FBI couldn't open the file to check it. So they decided to arrest him anyway and be on the safe side. Typical.


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