Saturday, 19 April 2008

A Buck Fifty

Gang Initiations: Slash and Slice

Gangs have recently been trying out a new initiation process, supposedly. This urban legend suggests that new gang members have been stopping people in the street and asking them to wind down their car windows before slashing them with a blad, from ear to mouth, which is known as 'giving a buck fifty', possibly because the wound takes 150 stitches to fix or because a typical slice of pizza costs $1.50.

This is spreading around as a warning, as these often do (see our first blog post, the Car Bumpers) but again, this legend isn't true. The closest to it being true is the fact that this has happened at least once, but it's uncommon and has nothing to do with Gangs.

So you have nothing to worry about... for now.

~Bucked Bee

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